Corporate Health and Wellness Services

Corporate Health and Wellness Services

Stress Management/Wellness Programs/Professional Development/Weight Loss

Incorporate corporate health and wellness services into your organization today!

Health behavior change typically takes a minimum of three months to experience the positive impact of integrative health coaching. Coaching programs vary in duration and frequency. The most common program consists of 13 weekly sessions.

Your organization may want to consider corporate health and wellness services by holding sessions where either all involved are focused on working on one health-related issue, such as weight loss or stress management, or you may offer sessions where the group follows the same process, but each individual identifies their unique area of focus. Participation is limited to 15 per group.

The members of your organization will be guided through a structured process that considers all aspects of health - physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and professional. A personalized, goal-oriented health plan is created and aligned to each person’s unique optimal health vision. Coaching may be provided by telephone, in person, or on Skype.

Health & Wellness Consulting

If you are considering incorporating wellness into your organization, consulting is available that will assist you in identifying goals and metrics for a specific wellness program.

If you are interested in a featured speaker who can provide information on integrative health coaching or if you’d like to learn about my journey, considerations, and how to live life to the fullest after the gastric sleeve, please contact me.

Corporate health and wellness services may be customized to serve your organization's specific goals and outcomes.

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