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Frequently Asked Questions About 
Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Year-Long Daily Journey
After VSG!
What other terms or abbreviations are used to refer to the gastric sleeve surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy and VSG.

How much food can you eat?

I can consume between 5 and 6 ounces at any sitting, depending upon how dense the food is. The denser it is, the less I can handle.

What are the biggest changes in your eating habits?
I minimize processed foods, and limit sugars, bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta. I can't drink and eat at the same time. I must wait 30 to 60 minutes after a meal to begin drinking fluids again. I do consume 112 ounces of water, tea, and other clear fluids daily. I do not use a straw or drink carbonated beverages (not even seltzer or champagne).  I can barely hold any alcohol - I can only drink up to a 1/2 of a shot glass of Merlot.  I rarely chew gum - the advice is to avoid it altogether. 

How long was your recovery after surgery?
I was up walking the day of the surgery and every day thereafter, but was sore the first week since I also had a hernia repair. 

What was the key to reaching a "normal" BMI?
My mindset. PLUS...I had a great support system - my "better half", family, and friends, an outstanding surgeon, a registered dietician specializing in gastric patients, an exercise physiologist who works with metabolic patients, weighing, measuring, and recording everything, and following every single instruction that I was provided. I also attend nutritional support group meetings.

Would you have this surgery again?
Absolutely - over and over and over again. I have never felt better, physically or emotionally.
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