"You made me realize that it was time to stop the yoyo dieting."
          - Audrey R.
"Sharon helped turn my life's vision into action steps"
          - Jim K.

"Sharon is skilled at asking thoughtful questions to ultimately encourage me to set and achieve realistic goals for myself."
          - Jennifer B.

You are an inspiration! If I didn’t have coaching, I definitely would have given up.”
          - Anonymous

"I've appreciated and enjoyed having a coach to help me with planning and setting of goals, offering advice and pointing out insights I might have missed, and to help hold me accountable for my actions.
          - Duke Client

"Every month I have a conversation with my health coach. And it’s not a long conversation but it’s intensely effective. I have to crack open what I thought I would be working on and evaluate what I’ve been doing and then think about what needs to happen in the next month.      
         - Duke IM Client

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